ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Serving Minecraft, Pt. III

So, here's our MINECRAFT server. You'll need the MINECRAFT 1.6.2 client, with the FORGE MODLOADER and the BIOMES O PLENTY mod. Thankfully all the client parts are fairly straightforward, and your chances of getting the three integrated are increased exponentially if you run a Microsoft operating system.

The kids picked the hostname and the mod (due solely to the below video and its score - this mod adds something like 80+ new areas to MINECRAFT). So just point your client to :)

I'm still working on integration (to do what I want to do sometimes works and sometimes does not - the critical components are only in beta), so the world you connect to at any given time might be different. Still running private instances on the home servers because each child wants multiple new environments...

Tags: gaming, kids, minecraft, work

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