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BSG Season Two Score Preview

Cancelled my order with Amazon on BSG:Season Two score. Placed an order with La-La-Land Records (the label) who ship 10 days earlier and, autographed by the composer! For all you non-soundtrack types, that would be Bear McCreary, who took over from and worked with Richard Gibbs of the mini-series. What might you expect to hear on this second season album? Here are my notes on the few preview tracks provided:

Remember the documentary of the Galactica by Lucy Lawless? Remember the theme music of the clip they showed? It was the 70's original theme. It's included here on the first track as Colonial Anthem

There's an Allegro on track five which is in the same orchestral style of, and contains some of the same bars as our past favorites The Face of the Shape to Come and Passacaglia.

Track eight, Pegasus at first sounds kinda gay, like 'Endless Love' until I remembered the scene where they first discovered Pegasus and everyone was disembarking onto Galactica; very exciting suddenly as I filled with the emotion of the moment.

Lords of Kobol is the first vocal track (track 9) on the disc and as is all their vocal tracks, in some foreign tongue - but nothing like the mini-series fav To Kiss or Not to Kiss, harder, and with more force. Oh, and electric guitars too. Pretty cool, it was from the episode 'Pegasus' but I couldn't place it.

So Roslin and Adama (track 13) starts off simply with solo synth piano and a solo violin. It adds a couple of acoustic guitars and maybe a cello which crescendo's into something reminiscent of Firefly. Pretty cool.

Prelude to War (track 17) is a very fast-paced piece with violins, snare drums (on nearly all battle themes) and bigger drums. Here Bear goes back to his ethnic drum line but the addition of the snare rolls behind the frantic violins makes it very exciting.

Track 18 (Reuniting the Fleet) is the same Irish-themed track (6) on Season One (A Good Lighter) with the addition of drums, snare, and a bass.

Black Market is a middle-eastern-esque piece which starts with classical guitar and ends with electric guitar and drums. This is the last track, track 23.

I for one, can't wait!

Here's the link for your own copy and to give the preview tracks a listen!

Updated Firefox on teh max0r which fixed the gif viewing issue.

Watched Ultimate Avengers with my son, which was pretty damn good. I wasn't planning on actually paying attention when I put it on for him, but it was great.

Wrote a little script and made a cron entry on xirr to rotate my banner picture on LiveJournal.

Grilled chicken.

galinda822 came for a nice visit.

Mowed the lawn.

Played countless hours of Hot Wheels with my boy.

Brought all primary systems down at J:42 yesterday and swapped the master bedroom and the office. Miraculously, my clock started working again and everything was back up by 1900.

Installed a new MFP for my wife on the XP uber-box, and shared it out only to discover that OSX can only connect to OSX-shared printers. I assume the same can be said for connecting it to teh max0r and trying to connect to it via XP.

For the first time in a month, considering going to be at 2200 so I can be well rested for my day tomorrow. I haven't played DS2 in a week, nor even cracked my new Strategy Guide...
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