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I'm struggling with the concept behind an `Instant Queue` in which items placed in there may not actually be available for later viewing. Many of the shows/movies I've placed there for future watching have been removed from Netflix altogether, which completely nullifies the concept surrounding its use.

I've started multi-season series in which all seasons were available until I was partway through the entire series then the later seasons were suddenly no longer available.

Second question - if the shows ever become available again on Netflix, will they automatically be placed back into my queue?

While I love the idea and supportive technology behind this strategy, its an interesting "first-world problem." That said, at only $7.99/mo I just grin from ear-to-ear that I am no longer paying for cable, satellite, or commercials, and all that Netflix awesome is available for such a low price. I'm all-in and will likely never go back, dropped shows or not, especially given how little TV I actually watch.

Also, HB galinda822!
Tags: tv

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