ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Purchasing the Lotus, Pt. II

I'd called my Allstate agent and asked about insurance on an Elise - higher than I anticipated. I'd asked the Bank President if he could keep his ear to the ground on one - he mentioned knowing of one already in town (odd for this tiny place). When I finally saw it, I pulled a quick U-turn, and introduced myself to the owner.

We talked for about half an hour - where to get it repaired (there's a place in Wichita), routine maintenance costs (oil change, $200), and the best way for me to find one. I mentioned someone was going to stand up and take notice if there were TWO in Newton, for surely that would be a pretty high per capita ownership in a town this size (<20k).

Her's is a 2006 Exige - far out of my price range, but quite the collectible. I've found the Elise, low-mileage and pre-owned in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. It's getting closer to reality all the time.

Makes my Tiburon look like a Buick

Tags: driving, lotus

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