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catttitude took little girl shopping for school clothes - they raided the thrift shops because girls I guess are awesome that way - and she came back looking like an eclectic anime princess. My boy wanted only Nike, so I made the deal with him, "You get half a dozen shirts at Wal-mart now, and next time there's a department store sale, I'll get you a half-dozen Nike." My terms were accepted and he got an armload of Op shirts for $7.50 apiece. I felt like I was robbing the Wal-mart.

Then, two days before the first day of school I get my DILLARD'S CARDHOLDER PREVIEW DAY email - that is, their quarterly 40% off sale the day before it goes public. I hate that I can't schedule these things, so I took my lunch hour to scream to Wichita and load up on my part of the bargain.

This was his first time in the Men's Department. As shoes were also on sale I suggested he get some here. I wear a 9.5 shoe. He now wears an 11. At the end of our spree I was surprised to find he picked out half a dozen shirts and a pair of shoes, none of which were Nike!
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