ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Alternate Reality Solutions

There are those who, despite all evidence to living in a current reality, offer alternate-reality solutions to current problems. No, I'm not kidding. As an example only, I might say, "I wonder how I'm going to deal with the cost of x." To which one possible reply might be, "Had you chosen a different career path you might be making double your current salary."


Only I didn't.

And the challenge we're facing is in *this* reality.

And so far, that's the only time I've run across alternate-reality solutions - when they're tied to past decisions made, and only when there is an equal-weight assumption that I've made said decisions alone, in an information vacuum (not unlike those who base decisions from emotions, actually). Countering with the possibility there might simply be a difference of opinion on said decision, or that the decision was made on best information at the time is fruitless because how each of us makes decisions can be completely unlike one another.

I can understand that some people flip a coin. I can understand that some people choose dependent upon how they feel at any given moment in time. I can understand that some people choose based upon their belief that something is right. I wish those same decision-making-types could understand that I do so by collating and extrapolating data. (Yes, I get very strange looks at times; "No one makes decisions that way, its just silly-talk!")

Regardless of style, keeping solutions grounded in current reality, up until my own experiences, was the stuff of science-fiction or psyche wards.

I do wonder if I'm better off for knowing alternate-reality solutions exist, so as to incorporate them into my scenario-running, or if ignorance truly would be bliss.
Tags: assumptions, psychology

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