ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Stepping Up My Game

External circumstances have contributed to me gaining ~25lbs the last year. An informal self-audit identified the start of school as the watershed to get myself back on schedule; awkwardly, school started on a Friday. So I started the Sunday before the start of the first week of school. I started with Kenpo-X.

That might have been a bit aggressive. So I didn't run through but a handful of the starting workouts, but the warmups Tony Horton leads us through is a subset of his Yoga-X, so yeah. Every one needs a starting point, though I'm unsure why beginnings are referred to as, "baby steps" for in my experience, its a glaring misnomer. Like many new parents, I assumed my son - when he finally took that first step, would be hesitant and unsteady - and perhaps it was, but the subsequent step was not. He basically crawled until he stood up and started running - he's been running ever since.

So now, shall I.

Since school has started I've been getting up much earlier - three hours earlier to be precise. Which is an awesome opportunity to get my daily walk in. As the season migrates to Winter this will be less of an issue (or perhaps more of an issue as it will eventually turn frigid prior to the sun coming up) but right now with the temperature still in the 100s I appreciate the jump-start. Because that's exactly what I need - assistance in establishing routine.

I've been running through a different P-90X DVD each morning, followed by a walk after the school bus - just like I used to do - only without the intensity and length - I assume that will come in time. My pace currently averages at 3.5 mph (down about one mile per hour since last time) and I'm only getting in half an hour in the mornings. I'm working on slowly increasing that back up to a full hour each of both the P-90X and the walk.

But exercise is only half the story.

I already eat more fresh leafy vegetables than anyone I know, so what I've had to do is cut out some of the extraneous stuff. For breakfast I saute diced kale, cilantro, parsley, garlic chives, rosemary, thyme and onions in a couple of tablespoons of EVOO then add an egg. For lunch its the same ingredients (minus the egg) raw for a salad. This is due, in part, to suzanne1945 who grows most of that in her garden :)

Its a slow start, but it feels good to have a routine again, and to start working toward a goal again. For mental and physical health.

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