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I took the weekend to rest and did something I rarely do - sat on the couch and watched television. Several weeks back I was talking to a dear friend of mine (ex-roomie in the USAF) and he was regaling me with tales of his Netflix exploits, the series House of Cards. I replied that I had seen that, as well as the follow-up Hemlock Grove. I further mentioned that I had next one, Orange is the New Black queued up. To my surprise, he'd already watched it.

"Was it any good?" I inquired, hoping it would be at least as entertaining as the first two Netflix Original Series. His answer revealed more about me than it did about him, though I was momentarily both impressed and horrifically curious. He said, "Its your typical women-prison storyline."

I had no idea there were enough similarly plotted movies/shows about women's prison to have typicality!

He seemed disappointed to discover I wasn't well-versed in the genre.
Tags: tv

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