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Eric Mass

The Past Is Haunting Me

Posted on 2013.09.05 at 00:00


ehowton at 2013-09-07 14:31 (UTC) (Link)
For the record, I was on my walk this morning when I came across a garage sale in my neighborhood. Finding a brand new pair of women's Merrill for $3 (MSPR $75 - I should know, I have a pair) I finished my walk, got into my car, drove to the bank, withdrew $20 from the ATM and bought the shoes. I currently have $17 in my wallet. Once that is gone (and it could be weeks, months, or at the end of the day today), I won't have any cash in my wallet until I travel, or the next occurrence similar to this one.

Prior to this, I hadn't had any cash in my wallet for about 60-days, excepting the $20 I pulled out for school-branded gym shirts. They were $5 each and I had GBZ get two. The remaining $10 stayed in place until approximately 3-weeks later when I gave it to catttitude for some supplies for my daughter.

People used to tell me I was too literal. I will now laugh uproariously and tell them about you. When the tears have dried I will explain the nuances between what some may consider "poetic license" and our own interpretations of "literal statements."

For example, if someone told me they hadn't carried cash since 1999 I might assume they meant regularly as opposed to say, never, or assuming they almost meant there were no mitigating circumstances which would temporarily change their norm. But that's just me.

I will endeavor to keep this link updated with my cash-carrying exploits as they transpire!
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