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Dove Men+Care

I've been using Dove For Men products since their debut. Why? Presumably brand recognition. I ran across an article on LinkedIn discussing their surprising success and the jaw-dropping percentage of the male market they managed. Here's an excerpt from the John Miziolek article:

1) “Disruptive” innovation is the most powerful form of innovation.
Dove shook up the market for male personal-care products. They also stepped outside of the paradigm they had constructed for themselves as a women’s brand. They generated headlines and caused consumers to do a double-take. How can you disrupt the market for your products and services?

2) Pay close attention to your market--because timing is everything.
Dove was well aware of the evolution of the male customer. The market for men’s products had been (and still is) rapidly expanding, and the idea of a product designed to “take care” of men was much more accepted than it would have been 20 years ago. How is your market changing?

3) Think outside the box.
Particularly brilliant was Dove’s creation of their well-packaged shower scrub. It gives men a means to literally connect with their signature body wash product, while at the same time further differentiating it from Dove’s traditional female-skewed brand. Not only does it have practical application, but the masculine color palette and package design maximizes its appeal to their target customers. What can you do to make your brand even more appealing to your market?

But I didn't write this today because I think they're a forward-thinking company. No, this one comes with a warning.

I'd been using their "Fortifying" shampoo, but recently tried their "Fresh Clean" for the first time - which contains menthol. This is important because of the wholly new sensation of making my recoilless gas ejection aperture tingle - ZOMG! Its like "Icy-Hot" in all the wrong places. That said, its a real eye-opening experience each morning, just like that late 70s commercial for Coast soap.

Beware menthol in your shampoo!

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