ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Purchasing the Lotus, Pt. III

Motivation. Its what spurns us to action. Buying the Lotus isn't very logical. In fact its rather the opposite - an emotional pursuit - something I endeavor to cultivate and incorporate into my otherwise brilliant existence. Interestingly enough, emotional people tell me I'm not very emotional. According to the link, I am emotionally well-adjusted, which would probably appear non-emotional to those who aren't.

But slipping into an Elise I've read is an entirely contortionist maneuver, something my frame isn't going to assist. So while I cannot do anything about my height or broad shoulders, I can decrease my overall circumference. My co-worker Miguel (of Miguel and Estanislao fame) sold his house after being on the market ONE DAY. Encouraged, I began working in earnest toward my goal.

Donning my dobok, I loaded Kenpo-X and did the entire hour-long routine five (5) times this week. Yes, my body now aches something fierce. That's how it was the first month of Taekwondo; achy. So maybe I'm finally on the right track? I just know its easier to maintain horse-stance for 10-minutes throwing punches when you're dressed appropriately.

Since there were no visible results my somewhat lackadaisical first six weeks, I'm hoping this emotionally-backed symmetry of motion will prove to be more amenable to Lotus ownership when the time comes.

Tags: lotus, taekwondo

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