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Had an absolute blast last night. As soon as I signed off work I readied the "Candy Deployment Area" with a comfy high-tensile folding camping armchair, a footlocker as a table holding a freaking vat of almost 1000 pieces of candy ("mini" versions of the popular candy bars as well as enough Smarties for every kid to huff - its what kids these days are doing with them - crushing, then huffing them), a decorative pumpkin, far too-bright LED rope light across the entire brick-rail of the porch, and a cooler with cans of things like Guinness, Stella, Smithwick, Tecate, Heineken, Modelo and the like. Not that I sat. I stood there grinning from ear-to-ear passing out candy like a retard.

I had the front door open and my spooky mixes playing (by the way, matching the tremolo from The Walking Dead as a segue into Downton Abbey...? Yeah, NOT spooky. That was my bad. I will likely remaster the mix without it and re-upload). I was shocked at how many kids told me I had a nice house after peering inside. I also discovered all the kids, no matter how young or how old appreciated me knowing who/what they were dressed as. They were all genuinely thankful. As dusk fell and night drew on, key neighbors who had been coordinated with ahead of time stopped by to partake from the cooler, including some neighbors who'd moved away recently but returned for Halloween. It was particularly nice since I don't really socialize much, the last time being with these same neighbors on the Fourth.

Lastly, since I'd intended to take a pic of my awesome set-up but failed to, here's the picture I submitted to lj_photophile's Halloween post - my kids from Halloween 2011 - which seemed to be the favorite based on comments alone. Click the pic for full-size goodness. There you go, Jules :)

Tags: beer, halloween, kids

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