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Back when my Musketeer, Zoe Morgan first received her Marleybone Frigate - Dauntless Mediator - I purchased, with real cash money: upgraded armor and sails - two things which are [ship] class specific - not interchangeable. I justify this because each of my girls, in turn, have had a go with it. My harem currently consists of three Vice Admirals (my three ladies), a Commodore, and a Captain; one each of of the warfare classes Musketeer, Witchdoctor, Privateer, Buccaneer and Swashbuckler.

Some time later, I decided I would be the best Privateer (support leaders) my Musketeer or Witchdoctor could have, rather than relying on someone else who may not always be available or of who's playing style wasn't conducive to my immediate requirements. I therefore opened a separate account and began training another Privateer, this one male. I can transfer real money from my girls to my boys, but they cannot share equipment across accounts. The armor I bought for the frigate is limited for use by my five girls, and I wasn't keen on another purchase which would ultimately prove to be only temporary - especially since the stats of the ones you can buy for cash are now identical to the ones bosses drop. That said, the only way to correct this shortcoming, was to slip into a pair of bib-overalls, and afix the moniker, Farmer ehowton proudly to my personage.

There are a couple of bosses in Subuta Skyway, the legendary Ninja Pig Sanada Jūyūshi piloting the Mooshu Galleon Hamato (presumably a porcine play on the fated WWII battleship Yamato) and military genius Timur Kahn aka The Sword of Islam sailing the historical Amber (Golden) Horde Galleon Samarkand both whom drop level-appropriate heavy gear, and more specifically Marelybone frigate sails and hull armor. Two days later, I had a flush set. Well, I had four of everything except the hull armor - that always seems to be the last thing to drop.

There is now no better equipped Royal Navy Frigate in all the spiral.


Tags: gaming, pirate101ship

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