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One of the reasons my son came home with GT5 has to do with its release date - three years ago - and is no longer $60. That's exactly how we roll around these parts. What date you buy and play a game doesn't diminish its fun, so we usually wait for the hype to die down and buy three games later for that same amount of money.

Most of the time.

I love healthy competition, I do. I even love all those people who advantageously soak in all the benefits of capitalism while simultaneously decrying it as evil; don't you see? That's why I love it - because those who oppose it don't understand the free market helps secure them the right to do so - its hard to find the moral high ground when you're upset your hemp catalog hasn't arrived in the post in a timely manner. And all this competition spurns creativity.

I also adore that there are so many console games all vying for the almighty dollar, because what is being delivered is feature-rich content. What I wasn't aware of was the competition amongst the pre-order crowd. The Gran Turismo 6 website listed four retailers, two of which included some hefty bonuses if you pre-ordered the game from them. By far the best deal to multiple account-holders on the same PS3 was GAMESTOP, which was offering 25 additional 15th Anniversary special edition cars. After pricing out all the others, including GT5 downloadable-content, I decided upon their offer.

We pick it up December 6th.

He ever decides to take his Playstation back downstairs, there might just be a new one in my future. God I'm a stark-raving mad console fanboy now, aren't I? I'll tell you what it is - the smell of the aged leather, the feel of the wheel, the bowel-clenching acceleration; I got to drive a Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer today. I've never driven a Ferrari before. It was fantastic! And the Plymouth Superbird - the hood of which torques down and left, lifting the right front quarter panel slightly on heavy acceleration just like its supposed to. My boy asked, "Why do you like all these old cars?" With these types of video games, he can introduce me to his world, and I can introduce him to mine. I explained, "Son, these are the supercars I grew up with. They're special to me, and now I get to drive them." Understanding, he picked up his controller, and we raced the night away.

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