ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Manufactured Cheer

Hands down NOTHING has given me more cheer this holiday season than Shiner Holiday Cheer. Rife with Texas peaches and Texas pecans - from their website, "Hey, those halls aren't going to deck themselves." In some ways, I wish this holiday season could last forever, frozen in time. Perfect weather outside, both kids at a remarkably fun age, and Shiner Holiday Cheer.

Given the limited availability of Shiner in this North Wichita Mennonite Suburb, I, I, I myself sometimes, leaving the fear of God on the left hand and hiding mine honour in my necessity, am fain to shuffle, to hedge and to lurch; I also put this in my fridge...just in case:

Kinda makes me want to decorate the inside of my fridge with tinsel and garland.

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