ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Dream Weekend

Using an impressive variety of beer this long holiday weekend as a utilized contrivance to pierce the thin veil between the conscious and subconscious revealed little, but entertained me endlessly. I found myself back in England, competing in a bicycle race. I was pretty good; the Brits were better. We were simultaneously dodging cars from a local rally race, trying to share the road.

Physics behaved more as suggestions rather than hard and fast laws, which aided greatly in bike racing - up and down impossible stone staircases, across the sides of wooden buildings. It was as if we were WWII servicemen living rough amongst the locals, except on bikes.

But then I got the call. Turns out the entire unix team was in the UK and had I to guess, we were in the countryside surrounding RAF Molesworth. Our sole female co-worker rang me to let me know Universe Man (Universe Man, Universe Man, Size of the Entire Universe Man) had just been in a head-on collision in his Ferrari 330. She was calling to let me know we'd have to work double shifts. "How bad is it?" I asked. "Bad," she replied. I knew her words to be true because apparently it had just happened - the police cruiser flew by me with the odd British warble of the sirens. As I could also hear them in the phone, I realized she was just up ahead, so I hung up and cycled to her. It should also be mentioned I wasn't too worried about Universe Man, because she had been in a head-on collision just a week prior and was fine. Although it wasn't lost on me that two head-on collisions so close together affecting two co-workers was rather extraordinary.

She was standing on the side of the road with her physiological identical clone - who was pretending to be inferior - which was kind of an in-joke given she was physiologically identical. I rolled my eyes at her suggestions she was somehow the lessor and exclaimed, "No one likes a clone!" Immediately I realized that my words were not what I was trying to express, I back-peddled to explain I meant, "No one likes a clone using clone humor when the clone was nearby" but this of course played right into her expression of seeming somehow secondary and there would be no stopping her now. That's when I realized the clone was actually Natalie Tran of CommunityChannel fame, and that seriously messed me up.

In an unrelated dream I was playing poker and had six aces in my hand. I was terrified I was going to be accused of cheating, and wanted to ask if we were playing a game which utilized two decks, but didn't want to tip my hand (pardon the pun) as to why I was asking - so I retreated to my mind palace and tried desperately to recall all the events leading up to the actual game. I was so focused on trying to establish what had transpired, I began to get my either/or scenarios mixed up to the point I didn't know if visualizing both decks was reality or a fabrication.

When I awoke I decided to see if there was any significance to playing cards and/or holding so many aces. The answer? Absolutely. While there is much to be said of divination as well as each suit representing some future-possible event and the further importance placed upon the ace, I was more concerned with holding the lot of them, which basically breaks down as:

You are feeling certain that you have a real advantage in the real world, of which those around you are unaware.

Tags: dreams, work

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