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Podracing on Interstate 30

The ADC is on I-30 and 360. My client location is on I-20 and I35W. I've been taking I30 to I35W to I-20. That's quick and efficient. However, here lately, I've been traveling 360 to I-20 and coming straight across. There's less traffic, and it seems quicker. But less traffic means less radar clutter to get lost in as I traverse all 3 lanes at 85mph. Its a lot like pod racing. There's 4 lanes on I20, fewer vehicles, hence I drive slower. Slower but at a more consistent speed. Further evaluation needs to be done to determine the quickest route.

Fixed my SB100 problem. Apparently the Symbios SCSI interface card could not simultaneously send LVD and SE data across both the VHCDI ports, so I added a Qlogic SCSI interface card and attached the LVD array to that and the SE DLT's to the Symbios. Problem solved. Now I'm working a samba issue on a Red Hat box. I think this is the first time I've ever logged into Red Hat. This client loves them some Red Hat on vmware. Someone apparently installed samba, but not swat, on this box, and it appears to be a install-time option. So I'm downloading a Red Hat RPM of samba. Yes, I know swat is a crutch for the smb.conf file, but these people have samba installed on every unix box here, cross mounted to every windows desktop. Someday I'm going to create ONE samba server and ONE nfs server. But not today.

I was supposed to get a dual P4 3.0GHz *MB cache workstation to replace my aging laptop. Today the boss asks me to justify the purchase. I told him, "Forget it. You had offered it and I jumped on it." It looks like the Dell laptop POS stays. I had wanted the increased speed and memory configuration to run a varity of operating systems, possibly with a base OS of FreeBSD, but I don't need this drama in my life.

Tony crapped out on the couch last night while I watched White Chicks. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Odd, the spell checker recognizes "Free BSD" and "Free-BSD" (which are both incorrect) but not "FreeBSD" which I believe is the correct spelling. Heh, it also suggests 'vaporware' as a replacement for 'vmware'. Funny.
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