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My Son's School Paper

My dad in the Air Force

My dad joined the Air Force at the age twenty one (21) and left at age twenty eight (28). He met lots of new people and friends. My dad’s job was Imagery Intelligence. That’s when he would interpret enemy strength and troop movements from reconnaissance pictures. In the military he had a rank. His rank was E4 - Senior Airman.

There were lots of different planes some big some small. There are planes that can carry tanks and other planes! One of these planes was called the Lockheed-Martin also known as "Skunkworks" U2 spyplane my dad was almost associated with. This plane would be on something called a carrier.

These carriers would be huge and could probably destroy lots of land, building, and people. These carriers have planes on them and plane elevators. The planes get on the elevators. People strap them in or out and they are super-fast elevators. They would shoot up the planes that would be on top of the elevator.

There are vehicles in the air force. There were jeeps and my dad drove a Renault Sherpa van on the base. It was kind of weird looking to me but my dad drove it so I don’t know what it would be like. It was small and black squared vehicle.


My dad said Germany was strange; he wore his uniform outside of base. And the old men spat at him and cursed at him in a language he could not understand. The young children saluted him and the women hugged him.

He had a base to stay at the base. The bases were like little cities. You could go get a haircut, go to the movies or even go grocery shopping and they had apartments there. You can go get gasoline or go to burger king! And when you wake up eat and go to the gym.

My dad said in Germany the food and beer tasted good. Some foods they had there were ham, fried chicken and they ate a lot of cabbage. Beer was served with almost every meal. They even had it at McDonalds, movie theaters, and gas stations. Wine and food were cooked in barrels on the roads.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is so hot that you don’t sweat, you sweat and the moisture on your skin would evaporate. When my dad was there, you had to be covered in desert camouflage. There was only one car that the colonel had and if he didn’t want it the next rank below got it and if they did not want it the next rank and so on. Well my dad was in the royal Air Force base there for a while and they gave him keys, opened a door and there were hundreds of Toyota’s so he drove one hundred mph down the road.

In Saudi they had lots of camels. They were like our cows: they had white, black, and brown camels, they even drank camel milk! The people would shut down the city and laid out rugs face east and pray three times a day. The city wide speakers would recite prayers in Arabic.

The foods in the American bases were nasty. They had cow tongue and the salads had worms in them. But my dad was attached with the royal air force. They declared the food unfit to eat, my dad got to eat a 5-star hotel down town which were like the best restaurants any were in the world. Off base you could buy something called schwarma from street vendors, which were roasted lamb on a spit. The base had nice marble floors and air conditioning. The army had to stay in tents but not the Air Force!
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