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Midwest Travels

Busy month ahead here; the kids and I have Christmas Dinner with Bill today, followed by taking my daughter ear-piercing at the mall this weekend while I leave my son and his two overnight buddies run of house. My father announced he'll be here Tuesday, and at some point I may drive to Tulsa to pick up a couple of our Texas neighbor's kids for the winter break.

Which brings me to The Billmobile. Despite the unusually mild start to winter we've had, we paid final respects to the battery earlier last week. I'm going to manifest a new one from Wall-E Vald and install it (hopefully) sometime this week. I bought specific car-battery-changing-tools the last time I did the one in the Tib, but have yet to find them since moving out and back in.

I trust your December is far more tame!
Tags: driving, kids

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