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What Mirror, Where?

I feel pretty

Setting up the iogear USB Print Server (1-port) is not only a real pain in the ass, it's also apparently, not possible. I only say this because I have followed step-by-step instructions from the website, and cannot get either my XP box, nor my macintosh to print to it. Oh, it can see it, but all print communication is lost. The 'print server' part of it is either retarded, or I am. (Can you say 'dabbling in AppleTalk?')


I'm sure I'll play with it for countless hours before finally giving up.

Oh so pretty

Then, something incredible happened. I was in awe - stunned even. Took me several moments to react again. I went to CompUSA looking for an external drive enclosure. About $60. While I was there I longingly priced 160GB drives, as I was only going to put my old 30GB drive in it. $100. *sigh* $160 for the whole enchilada. I found another section of what I thought were drive enclosures caught my eye. They weren't. They were full external drives. And I found a 7200-rpm 2MB-cache 160GB USB 2.0 external drive for $60. Perfect. Now to migrate my iTunes folder...

I feel pretty and witty and gay

The restrooms at the Casino Queen are state-of-the-art. Well, almost. The automatic soap dispenser didn't (until my hand was clear afer many seconds of a mix of both slow and frantic spit itself into the basin), the automatic faucet didn't. Then did. Then didn't. And the automatic towel dispenser didn't. Nice. I'm in a multi-million dollar casino with unwashed wet hands. Those things need manual overrides.

And I pity

Set up the pool for the wife and kids (filling with water now) and set Walk the Line PPV for my father-in-law. I'll burn him a DVD. I wanted to see the movie anyway. The kids are staying with them tonight in their RV at the Casino. Am I looking forward to it? Does the Pope run to the rocketship in the woods?

Any girl who isn't me today

Stargate: Been one of my favorite themes since I saw the movie, but up until yesterday, only had a smattering of them across several Telarc discs.

Grilled the most fantastic burgers today. Since the in-laws were going to be here, but we didn't know their schedule, we picked up an 18-pack of 100% angus beef 1/3 pound patties. Today, I pre-heated the grill and threw ALL OF THEM on once it reached 600-degrees. Yeah, there was fire. I turned off the gas and cooked them from the fire of their own fat. They were fantastic.

See the pretty girl in that mirror there?
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