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I wish I could remember more the flow, because it was a very complex operation. First, there was a letter stating I was heir to a fortune, followed by a horse and carriage (or perhaps a limousine since this all took place in Wichita) taking me to a lavish dinner, then a fresh gravesite as proof along with all the necessary documentation for proof. I was being escorted by a rather large, well-dressed Asian gentleman; who appeared to be The Driver.

Immediately afterward I was taken to a posh apartment with a carriage entrance and long, steep concrete steps outdoor covered in cloth and with little cherry blossoms in glass bowls every so often. I was greeted by the madam of the house who was very welcoming and brought into the great room which was warm with wood and a fireplace - very well decorated - a very quiet place.

After all the particulars were confirmed, I was taken to my lover, a lithe young Asian woman who was very eager to meet me. Afterward, as I was working through the turn of events with her, things started to not add up and I realized this was somehow an enormous scam. Saddened, I departed, thinking Wichita was far too small to effectively penetrate the population. Nonetheless, it seemed they had been operating a long time, and would continue to be successful.

Much later, I got together with a friend of mine who'd been duped by the same scam to inflict it upon a mutual acquaintance of ours, as an in-joke. We walked him to the apartment and found the young girl and told her we found her heir, presenting this other guy. She smiled nervously, explaining she had somewhere to be, got into the limousine without showing any affection to the newcomer, who did manage to plant a single kiss on her exposed back, and convinced himself he was in love.

Despite having only been there once, and for a short duration, I felt something was amiss. Making my way up the stairs where the girl was laying in bed having moved from the limo to the bedroom most surreptitiously. I laid down next to her and we talked like old friends for awhile, until I discovered her naked body was concealing several other girls in the bed. This was a much larger operation that I'd anticipated. Something suspicious was taking place and these girls were only a front.

As it turned out, some tough Asian thug types were preparing a container of explosives to place on a FedEx Jet to prevent something from leaving the area - the only casualties would be the unsuspecting pilots. I realized I was in way over my head, and given the candid relationship I managed with the girl, was puzzled why I was so detached from the act of terrorism I knew was going to take place.
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