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What Did You Do With Your AMEX Today?

Posted on 2014.02.06 at 00:00
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Had one of my rare black and white dreams. Well, everything was in black and white except the gemstones. drax0r was making a deal with drp to deliver a dump-truck full of red, blue, yellow, and green gemstones - the ones bellydancers put in their naval - and yes, those were the only thing in color in the dream - across the nation East Bound and Down style. I wanted to help, so I rented one of those boxy cab-over-engine moving vans utilizing either my Corporate American Express or my Military American Express, presuming I would simply expense it later.

Then later, in REAL LIFE, I accidentally charged a tank of gas to my Dillard's card (Lord & Taylors for you Northies). I was...fascinated. And horrified! Dillard's is the only card of mine with an interest rate! Egads!

I had completely forgotten about the B&W dream until then, because my Dillard's card is held by, you guessed it, AMEX.

Weird, weird, weird!

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