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Gaming Laptop

There are a couple of things I've never had to buy. One is a cell phone, and the other is a laptop. Work provides them both. But here lately, I've been envisioning a laptop which could double as a secondary gaming platform.

I finally built a usable browserfarm by putting Win7 on a 32GB dual-XEON PowerEdge and remoting in via RDP - leaving my desktop free for multimedia and gaming, but all my spare parts are so old I could no longer cobble together a usable gaming box - I even had to spend real cash money dollars several weeks back on a couple of graphics cards for the kids to play their latest games and was unable to use their old cards for my own purposes.

I'd been using a laptop which my grandfather-in-law had upgraded, but it came equipped with a dismal Semperon for those of you who remember those; an Athlon (CPU) with no cache. So despite the SSD & 6GB of RAM my very soul ached every time I had to do something CPU intensive on it, and it certainly wasn't built with a GPU in mind. I do remember the first time a laptop outperformed a desktop in the gaming community. Even more shocking was by whom; it was the Dell XPS. Dude, its a Dell. I also remember the exorbitant price tag which accompanied such feats. Some things never change. I've been waiting to purchase the super sexy supermodel Razer Blade Pro (GREEN!BACKLIT), a gaming laptop with a $3000 price tag. Yes it's stupid expensive, but well worth the price of not being frustrated at everything, all the time. Especially given the amount of time spent in front of it.

There's a show I'm watching on Netflix with my son entitled Continuum with a great cast about a future where Corporations are the government, and the pros and (mostly) cons about such an arrangement. But at 1/3 the cost of the Razer, my own corporation led me the down the sadder-but-wiser-girl-for-me path and offered us the Chinese runner-up, Lenovo Y510p (RED!BACKLIT) with the same i7, twice the RAM (16GB), freaking SLi (dual-graphics) & a 24GB SSD-cached (hybrid) terabyte drive.

Despite the Windows 8.1 learning curve I anticipate being just as pleased with performance, because Asian runner-up supermodels are, after all, still supermodels. Exotic ones at that :)

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