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Pimp My Ride

The last time the Billmobile was driven by someone other than myself, it came back missing a hubcap. You heard me right, hubcap, as this car does not have alloy wheels. So there it was sitting in the driveway with no hubcap when the cold came in like a thief in the night and murdered the battery. No hubcap, and no battery. The car was looking pretty bad when Bill came over for Christmas, noticing its dilapidated state and covered in dirty snow (he garaged it the entire time he owned it)! This car is the one and the same I endeavor to keep vacuumed since its what I transport him in when we do our running around. Its much easier for him to get into and out of than say my Tiburon.

Additionally, the Tib barely holds myself and two kids anymore but with dead battery we've had to make do. Then there was my daughter, who wanted me to take her to the mall. And her friend. And my son wanted to come too? THIS IS THE REASON I HAVE A 6-SEAT VEHICLE - It was time to bite the bullet and purchase a battery (egads) and wheel covers - wheel covers which were decidedly NOT dealership priced.

So I ended up with something both inexpensive and which hopefully didn't scream, "Ghetto Sled." In the parlance of our times, it looks sick according to my son (think our generation's "slick") but of course whether or not a land-yacht with a vinyl landau roof, mudflaps and sick wheels should appeal to the taste of a teenage boy is anyone's guess. I appreciate how good it looks when it's clean, but most importantly how many teenagers it can haul.

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