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What does 15+ years of customer loyalty buy you? Not a goddamn thing as it turns out. I have Allstate on my Bill Pay, and every month I send them a payment, and every month they send me an email saying they got it. In December, they sent me an email stating I was $8.82 cents short, and they were going to cancel my policy unless I payed up, so I sent them an additional $8.82. They sent me an email saying they got it. The next month, January, I sent them my payment, and they sent me an email saying they got it. You see a pattern developing here? February was no different; payment, email acknowledgement. Then today, I receive snail mail from them containing a check with my latest payment returned, explaining my insurance had been cancelled in December. Cue the heavy sigh.

I call my agent and discover that way back when I sent them the additional $8.82 it was already too late, as they'd actually wanted a double-payment for being 10-days overdue rather than the $8.82. Fine. "How can I fix this today and re-instate my policy?"

"You can't re-instate your policy. You're not a customer of Allstate. I can quote you for an irregular policy which will be more expensive since you have no proof of coverage."

1-800-531-USAA and after the polite Texan thanks me for my service, offers me up identical coverage for a whopping $75 a month savings.

I should have done this a long, long time ago.
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