ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Windows 8.1

Not wanting to sound like some gushing Apple fanboy nor some Microsoft hater, the reason Apple supports two different operating systems, IOS and OSX, is because while running a full desktop O/S on a tablet would be retarded, running a tablet O/S on a desktop would be even more retarded. Enter Windows 8.

Granted once I got the hang of the enormous and annoying "Start Screen" and started utilizing it like a glorified Start-button program menu (mostly by deleting all those annoying "apps") I could at least appreciate the idea. That said, I can't seem to window-ize and/or float the "apps" for use while I'm working in another program - nor can I seem to "close" or "exit" them when I'm done with them, so they endlessly cycle through Alt-Tab until some mysterious decay-time is reached - but all that could just be me. Suffice it to say if there's a way to change the functionality of that mess I couldn't find it. In fact, I couldn't find anything. Before I was able to use any application, like PowerShell, I had to ask the computer to find it for me, as there is no easy way to browse the installed program tree hierarchically anymore (though now that I say that it might be somewhere on that dizzying second "apps" page).

Excepting maybe accidentally deleting the "share app" that allows me to send links from other "apps" in my app-delete-fest above and seemingly no way to re-install it (the app store is also woefully misnamed in this regard), its all good now that everything is set up to be usable and I've disabled that unholy "Start Screen" from appearing on startup. Truly, the performance of the hardware itself makes Win8.1 feel otherwise fast and responsive, though the SSD-cached "hybrid" drive isn't anywhere near as quick as a full SSD; I'm not unhappy.

"This PC" however, seems to be a raging misnomer the likes of which even God has never seen as the very name itself denotes only locally attached storage, yet the concatenated list very clearly shows by "This PC" they *actually* mean, "Every Login to Each and Every Windows Machine on the Goddamn Network." I would have a shit hemorrhage if I fired this fucker up at work.

Tags: xp

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