ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

A Moment of Peace

I scheduled two days off to ferry my grandfather-in-law around town, but another snowstorm hit and we each had things come up which prevented us meeting our original schedule. The first day off was dealing with a snow-day cancelled school and a sick kid, but the second was quite surprisingly...serene.

So much so in fact, I hardly recognized myself. While I encourage myself to live in the moment rather than endlessly worrying about the future or my past, in this moment of peace I discovered I'd nearly forgotten who I was. Working as much as I do, I fiercely guard any routine I can eke out...which can easily become rote if not mindful.

As many things which can make us or break us, its truly a fine line. So while I may forget who I am again tomorrow, for now, comparing who I was with who am I and who I will become is comfort enough for today. I endeavor to make each period of my life paramount while experiencing it, while looking back upon each successive period with only warm nostalgia; regret I fear, is reserved for those who cannot cope with change - either change we ourselves initiate, or change which is thrust upon us. Not that I don't struggle with these things - I do - I just work really, really hard disallowing them to consume me.
Tags: philosophy


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