ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

iOS 7.1

Much needed improvements! My largest complaint with v7 was the placement of the phone "END" button which, if you were on two calls, and one dropped between the time you reached for the "SWAP" button and actually pressed it, lol! You would hang up the wrong call! Loads of fun.

I still miss the hardware mute button of the Blackberry. What's worse since v7 is if the phone locks while you're on a lengthy conference call, and you're suddenly asked a question - everyone has to wait for you to unlock your phone before you can unmute. No one thinks this is awesome.

Also - and its not just me - if you're on the call screen, it would be FANTASTIC to also be able to tell the time - especially for those of us who stopped wearing watches around the new millennium.

And if - at some point - iOS could *actually* connect to my "known network" automatically - that would be just great. In the event you never fix this, please remove the mocking verbiage, thanks!
Tags: ipod

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