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Spring Break

Posted on 2014.03.24 at 00:00
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Took most of the week off to hang with the kids during their spring break, and discovered myself decompressing more than I thought necessary. Got the kids new bikes (and my daughter a helmet that looks like a mohawk) and considered one myself, though admittedly the children were horrified to discover I was considering (what they call) an "old man bike." Boy did I get the last laugh when I ended up with a woman's bike instead - suzanne1945 gave me her old bike. Given my weight however, raising the seat and handlebar stems to compensate for the small frame turned out to be unsatisfactory, so I instead bought a dropped-handlebar aluminum frame road bike. My, but we enjoyed touring outside the neighborhood together on the perfect spring days!

Then I took them to see The Lego Movie (cannot remember the last time I was in a movie theater) which was entertaining, but not as good as I was led to believe. Morgan Freeman's gravely tones all but made the movie and the protagonist's everyman approach was universal by tween standards. The conclusion of which involved Freedy's which is conveniently located adjacent every Warren theater - we'd gone to the East Side as it was showing on the larger screen.

I even spent one evening trying to imbibe enough wine to trigger an erotic out-of-body experience. While that last part didn't actually happen, it did cause me to dream I had witnessed the unthinkable in my six years in the Colonial fleet - the horrific atmospheric crashes of two Battlestars. Apparently, when Battlestars "land" they freefall from the sky until right before impact where they fire landing thrusters and touch-down. Twice now I'd witnessed the landing thrusters not fire, consuming the entire crew in an earth-shaking fireball. Colonel Tigh and Starbuck both were there to console me.

Kitties have all been vaccinated and the results surprised everyone, even me. Marko weighs in at 12-pounds, Momo at 17.5, and Big Puddy at only 16.8 pounds :O

Pirates and ninjas! While living in Kansas isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds, when we weren't biking, I spent a lot of time actively avoiding my office area. This involved endless episodes of Disney's Shake it Up (which I watch with my daughter to the amazement of her friends) and to further minimize stress, I took a break from TERA: Rising (Bloodshadow Ninja costumes!) and went back to Pirate101. This required a new approach with my "out of office" imposition - a hefty VM on the laptop for running a second instance (I decided long ago I was the best Privateer for my other characters, so created one to help them, necessitating a second account). All in all a much-needed break from work I didn't even know I needed :)


raingirl26 at 2014-03-24 05:31 (UTC) (Link)
ha! spring break week just started here and i just sent my son off to camp - so i will be doing a different kind of decompressing than you. but really, good that you took time off for yourself with the kids. adults need the downtime also.
ehowton at 2014-03-25 00:38 (UTC) (Link)
Ooooooh, no doubt. Whatever shall you do ???
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