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The last time I had this much fun "exercising" was learning taekwondo. I was on the bike at least twice a day everyday before work started up again, but am thinking of getting one of those handlebar iphone holders (and perhaps a more rugged case) for fielding calls while I'm out of the office, which has totally new meaning to me now. This is way better than dragging my carcass around a walking path twice a day - its like running, without the jarring soul-sucking part.

When I was younger I used to do a lot of still-water kayaking. The thing that never ceased to amaze me was moving great distances under my own power. Riding is a lot like that, and nearly as quiet when the wind is right.

I've been reading with some envy the adventurers of kylecassidy where he's gone from sedentarily plump to marathon runner - which was awesome except for the part where he hated running. I'm having so much fun I hope I turn into one of those pompous cyclists - you know the ones. The bedroom community of Newton, Kansas is so small in fact, that every time I had to go into town this past weekend, I took my bike instead. I keep trying to find routes I can use as a training treks - somewhere to go and back consistently when there's nowhere in particular to go.

Happy Trails!
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