ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Extending the Olive Branch

Having just read the most recent email from our fearless leader to the both of us, our personal feelings on the matter (or even, dare I say of each other) seem to be pushed aside more and more often as the gap closes ever so quickly between historically (or if we're being honest here, hysterically) x86 "wintel" space and the decentralization of unix. It was with your former colleague whom I traded tips and tricks with as I introduced him to linux while he immersed me in ESX, leaving you the bastion of Windows Server support - something which you are seemingly now solely responsible for despite wading into the warm waters of my side of the pool. I want you to know that I view your inclusion with zero suspicion and in fact embrace you as a brother, our old grievances toward each other crumbling away (I did, in fact, not speak to you for 7 years because you were a Windows admin) as our technologies are being merged. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.


Tags: work

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