ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Squalid Hovel

There are certain activities which absolutely must take place in order to not live in squalor, all of which I was planning on tackling this weekend. Instead, I spent two days and two nights either shivering in my bed, or burning up. Decidedly NOT fun. I can't remember the last time I was racked with fever, but damn. I started re-integrating solid food sometime late Sunday.

Outside of cleaning, the only other thing I was looking forward to was biking - the entire weekend was sunny and gorgeous - well, at least the few times I stumbled out of my sick-cave to turn the furnace on full blast or stumbled back to turn it off and lay under the ceiling fan.

Thankfully, 72-hours seemed to be the runtime of this particular bout - I should know for sure Monday morning - surprise relapses are a surprise! I always appreciate not being sick on work days, but now it feels like I didn't get a day off :(

And the substitute bus driver failed to pick up my daughter and the school's transportation coordinator couldn't raise her on the radio.

I'm going in, Chief.

Tags: kids, work


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