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Neelix - Mmm..., clown

Truth be Damned: How Becoming Offended Validates Our Belief System

Posted on 2014.04.08 at 00:00


michelle1963 at 2014-04-10 11:57 (UTC) (Link)
I can see your logic in that allowing for and voicing offense is one way in which people stay true to their sense of purpose. In fact, I suspect that you are in fact correct. It also shows that most people have a need for external validation - and yes I know the word validation in this context is odd given that having taken offense to something usually puts one at odds with somebody. But still, it is interacting with the others to prove "who you are and what you believe."

While I find the things people are offended by often trivial, there are times when taking offense can serve a greater good as when someone stands against - or is offended by - an injustice in society. Our society is shaped by what we as individuals will and will not tolerate. What do we want our society to be?
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