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Back in the day of pouring through individual HP/UX packages (which for some unfathomable reason is still as archaically individual and manual-intensive as it was in 1996) and Solaris packages (prior to the god-sent auto-dependency download/installer BLASTWAVE), SGI had a web-based package installer. While it still required manual dependency resolution, it was light-years ahead of anything else I'd seen - packages, on the web, interacting with the unix installer. Brilliant!

These days of course we have apt-get and yum and zypper which are of course effortless and expected in this day in age - but I just ran across something which reminded me of my days on Irix; openSUSE's "1-Click" links.

There I was researching exFAT for linux, when I run across embedded links on the page I'm on offering "1-Click" installation to my operating system. No drilling down to processor architecture, o/s version, compression delivery method, and no alt-tabbing to my console window to search then install the syntactically correct package name. Just, "1-Click." How cool is that?
Tags: linux, sgi, unix


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