ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Designing for Longevity

May I introduce to you, the simplicity (and hopefully longevity) of the one-piece design in the Plantronics Voyager EDGE. My previous one lasted approximately two years, but as I have learned, the "over-the-ear" comfort caused those sinewy interconnects to degrade, crack and eventually fail.

Also? Technology. This one has an mind-shattering 16-hour battery. Hopefully this means I'll never have to resort to my back-up Jabra ever again.

And it looks like I need to Windex the glasstop. Again.

And I misunderstood the 16-hour thing; its good for 6-hours, like my last one, but the portable case doubles as an on-the-go charging station giving you an additional 10-hours after a 90-minute charge.

Now we know.

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