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Hysterical (and unabashedly accurate) article in Lifehack, "15 Things That Introverts Would Never Tell You" but perhaps more importantly, why. We are outgoing, gregarious chameleons - which is why this list is so funny - ITS GIVING OUR SECRETS AWAY! Much like this tech support cheat sheet did when it was first released - I had it hanging outside my cube wall in hopes it would prevent people from asking me questions (it didn't).

  • We don’t care about your birthday.
    • Any introvert who works in an office knows how it feels to be hustled for birthday cake money. It makes us squirm when a random office person cheerily volunteers that it happens to be their birthday. We think they expect us to respond with like enthusiasm and interest...

  • We are not really listening as you recount your weekend.
    • Unless you are part of our circle of friends, we don’t care what you did last weekend. We are of the mind that everyone has a right to privacy, and if you chose to spend it in a drunken stupor or beating down the door of your ex, then that is up to you. We don’t judge, and find it takes too much energy to give it to people we don’t know. Just because we work with you, that doesn't mean we know you.

  • We know how to get stuff done.
    • We pack our alone time with activities–projects, phone calls, emails, rough drafts and blueprints for world takeover of our next big idea (which we have lots of). We value solitude because it lets us experiment with new concepts, plan and stretch our imagination. Anything is possible when we spend time alone, and what we create may change our lives, and yours, too.

  • We like to write things out.
    • We love email because it helps us get what we need without interruptions. Interruptions throw us off course, and we need to expend more energy to get back on track. So, please don’t call unless it is a close-ended question.

See that last one there? Yeah. I am notorious at work for disliking phone calls. "Eric hates phone calls!" I've heard them say. I've tried to explain it to people unsuccessfully. I even had someone tell me, "But Eric, I don't like to type." Ironic given what we do for a living.
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