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Existential Espistomology

Posted on 2014.04.23 at 00:00


drax0r at 2014-04-23 20:02 (UTC) (Link)
They'll say they know something, and I'll point out that at the very least, in order for them to know someething that a) it must be true, b) you must believe it to be true, and c) you must have a valid reason to believe it to be true.

Then, I point out which of those things they're missing. Often, it's a, and by extension, c.

I won't let them get away with objective statements if they're missing c. "I know I don't like what you've made for dinner." Bullshit, you've never had it, and you at least tolerate all of the ingredients. You don't have enough information to know that you don't like it.
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