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Adjuma came into our dorm rooms and emptied our trashcans every Saturday morning in Korea. Each floor of the dormitory had its own large, wheeled tilt hopper which adjuma would roll down the long hallway emptying individual trash cans into.

Invariably, ours was always filled-to-overflowing with cheap OB (Oriental Brewery) beer bottles - which made a horrendous racket when dumped in the echos of the hallways - and rousing even the heaviest of drinkers in the early morning.

I hadn't thought about that in a long, long time.

Since I bought the bike I've been riding in the mornings after the kids get on the school bus before work.

I have been reserving my beer-drinking for when the kids are gone for the weekend with their grandmother, or staying at a friends house. A side effect of the children being gone is a much slower trash accumulation rate. Normally, I roll the trash and recycle out once a month, and with the kids being gone or otherwise engaged nearly every weekend in April, the only thing in the recycle bin was beer bottles. I estimate about 72.

So when I was standing outside getting ready to mount up and the robotic arm of the recycle truck upended the contents of said bin into its metal hopper and the unmistakable eruption of morning-after beer bottles came crashing down with a concussion that echoed throughout the neighborhood?

I'll admit to feeling a touch of chagrin right before I laughed aloud at the memory.
Tags: beer, korea, usaf stories

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