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At the St. Louis zoo this weekend, it was packed. And with people of varying ages and socio-economic backgrounds. Of all the thousands of people there, I was among the few under 40 who didn't have a tattoo. When asked why I don't have a tattoo, I usually explain that that I wanted a way to express my individuality and make me unique. I get odd looks sometimes, because that's why most people do get tattoos. The funny thing is, by doing so, they become the majority, and just like everyone else. Funny how that works.

Picked up Alien Resurrection today.

Grilled perfect salmon for dinner, and had a marvelous Kansan Spatelese with it. I hate questions such as, "If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one [fill in the blank] for the rest of your life, what would it be?" I hate these because I am such a diverse person, and I know whatever I chose I would eventually become disenchanted with over time. Unlike most people however, I have had enough variety in some things, that I know exactly what I would choose in some catagories.

Havana Monticristo Cigar
Plizner Urquell
a Rhienhessen Spatlese

Picked up two cars from the Cartoon Network's Hot Wheels Acceleracers series, both from Team 'Metal Maniacs' the Hollowback and Rivited:

SWEET! Confirmation at 2228 hours that my Bear McCreary autographed soundtrack is ON IT'S WAY!!! Critics have called his last one (Season One) a score, and this one, an album. Apparently its much richer in depth than his last one. My review of the preview tracks can be found here. I await with eager anticipation.

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The last four days have been tough. I'm hitting the sack early again tonight.
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