ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Not the Only Beer Fairy in Town

I am forever known as the neighborhood "Beer Fairy" to this day after rolling around a wheeled cooler filled with beer passing them out last 4th of July and again the following Halloween. Then there was this guy who delivered a 12-pack of Lone Star last Thanksgiving.

While I was in the garage working on the Dyson and drinking The Best Beer in the United States of America, my neighbors across the street came home. I excitedly hailed them and handed each of them a Shiner White Wing. I explained, "I have been around the world, drinking the best beers each country has had to offer. The U.S. has always paled in comparison. Until now. Shiner White Wing is the best American beer I have ever had." They cracked them open right there in the driveway and upended them, and just like the video from "Beerfest" their faces lit up as a supernatural light from heaven illuminated their weeping faces.

Then, two days later, as I was leaving the house to drop off a Shiner White Wing to another neighbor, I find a box of twenty beers on my porch, and my neighbor from across the street explaining, "We went to our friends house and I told him about the beer you brought over, and he had to get rid of a whole lot of beer from his last party, so I split them with you."

I hugged him.

7x Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy
2x Leinenkugel's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter
3x Budweiser Black Crown
2x Boulevard Pale Ale
2x Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat
1x Samual Adams Chocolate Bock
1x Samual Adams Blueberry Hill Lager
1x Samual Adams Little White Rye
1x Abita Turbodog
Tags: beer

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