ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Planet Bike's Men's A.R.S. (Anatomic Relief System)

As you can clearly see from this picture that seat actually isn't but a smidge wider than my racing saddle, yet what should be obvious from the low angle of the camera, makes all the difference in the world if you're a dude.

Had to take the bike in to replace the so-cheap-they-crumbled aluminum mid-brakes with a set of high-quality Origin8 Pro-Fit Cross Levers upon the bike shop owner's suggestion. They're also raked down for a more natural braking stance - I only wish I'd purchased the long-fingered cycling gloves when I was at the sports the store last week as we had a week of 30-degrees. I didn't buy them because we'd had a week of 80-degree weather.

Then it snowed.

Tags: bike
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