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Awhile back the woman of my dreams Nilofer Merchant offered to send me a Fitbit. I opted instead for a signed copy of her books.

Fast-forward 12-months and after much of drax0r's "Oooohing" and "Ahhhing" over his, I bought my own. Given that my calorie/activity tracker of choice, LoseIt! has scan barcode capability and the Fitbit app doesn't...I paid the $40 annual fee to upgrade LoseIt! to premium to have my Fitbit sync to it (and subsequently copy the data over to the Fitbit app for its own purposes).

I'm really hoping the Fitbit will more accurately record the intensity of my hour and half power rides before work each morning. Although this morning, its Hesston or bust!

Eric Howton and Bike May 2014
After 15-miles in 18-degree weather.

Tags: bike, ehowton

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