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Pinhole Perspective

Those who've spent any amount of time online are no doubt aware of Godwin's Law which loosely states if an internet discussion goes on long enough, someone will eventually draw a parallel to the Nazis - its a unique phenomenon until diversity of the various parties involved is factored in. Then it makes perfect sense. Nonetheless, an interesting cultural occurrence.

Riding on the metaphorical coattails of Kathryn Schulz (were that she wore such attire), I therefore announce the "Pinhole Perspective" which is simply, both side of an ideological disagreement will eventually cite Schopenhauer's logic as their own burden of proof, no matter the subject being discussed.

Which really, isn't proof at all. Schopenhauer states,

All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

Dismissing the improbably that all truth goes through these stages, simply stating Schopenhauer's logic isn't a presentation of evidence! One cannot just lay it out there and suddenly one group capitulates to the other; its not proof of anything, least of all justification for a belief that one group is right and another group is wrong - especially when both groups are using it to punctuate their side. How is that supposed to work?

And yet that's what run into time and again. Vigorous debates to determine who is right and who is wrong rather than a compassionate appeal to one side or the other - a compassionate appeal which includes accepting not everyone will agree with our point of view, no matter how right we think we are. They're allowed to do that. To not agree with us. Additionally, when we're so very sure of our own opinion, it makes it more difficult actually consider the other side - we may become blind to any other perspectives other than our own. Difficult? Absolutely. But required, I think, in order to grow.

The more often we believe a thing to be true, the deeper we unconsciously etch into our minds that we're right about it. This is how beliefs become immutable, no matter the argument.

If we truly desire knowledge, our minds needs to diffuse that "Pinhole Perspective" and live as prismatically as we claim. Our actions and behavior rises above the din of our words.
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