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The day after I put the beat down on the Dyson I took it to the garage to vacuum out the car as I was driving to Texas the next day. Funny thing that Dyson, since it was now operating at peak performance, the moment I disengaged the roller and transferred suction to the hose, it collapsed. The hose, it sucked itself shut, and wouldn't open. The vacuum overheated seconds later and powered off. There was simply no fix for an old, pliable hose not collapsing in on itself. So I drove straight to the store.

They were out of the portable Dyson D44 I so envied (drax0r has one at his house, showoff) but they did have one last Shark Rocket, the knock-off equivalent. Seriously, click one of those links so you'll know what I'm talking about; they're handheld dynamos with outrageous reach.

I got it home and did a bang-up job cleaning the car. Weeks later, it was still in the garage. Sunday, after working a full 8-hours on Non-Prod Maintenance (which surprisingly went really, really well) then mowing the lawn, I stood on a chair and managed to vacuum the ceiling fan blades with it. It was the easiest I've ever done that. Then I vacuumed some cobwebs which have been on the kitchen ceiling for the past year or so. I've wondered and wondered how to get cobwebs off the ceiling - vacuuming them off was easy and simple with this.

They even make (sold separately) a keyboard and car detailing kit I'm thinking about ordering, for those tiny, hard to reach to places.

All of a sudden, I'm finding new places around the house to clean!
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