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Why do birds, suddenly appear...

These last few days have really been draining. Last night, I bit the bullet and went to bed at 2200. When I awoke nine hours later, I was unsure if it had done the trick. But then something odd happened. I little ditty started playing in my head. My foot started tapping. I through off the covers for a visual confirmation. Yep, there it was. Dancing on the sheets. I almost jumped out of bed and did a little jig to the bathroom, dancing in the shower. By the time I was dressed, I was soft-shoeing across the floor, and out the door. What a fantastic morning! I think I'll go to bed early tonight as well!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and enabled VNC on my folks computer. This was not easy, because I had to talk my father through giving me remote access to his router to open the port. He has a lot of patience. We did it, and I was thankful his ISP provided him a router with the very specific option of "Web access --> WAN --> Only this IP." Of course I had them bookmark so they could reference that just prior to contacting me each time. I now have VNC capability on their computer and that alone could possibly save my relationship with my mother.

All Things Considered, September 16, 2005 · According to a new study by the British Cheese Board, different cheeses can give you different types of dreams. None of the study volunteers reported nightmares from their bedtime snack. NPR's Melissa Block talks about the results of the study with Nigel White, secretary of the British Cheese Board.

Almost every movie you've seen with the antagonist as a captain of industry amazing his board members with crap. Now, I'm not saying that my CEO can't run a computer - he can; he's one of my best users. But guess who really runs all that gee-wiz stuff in the boardroom? The IT guy who gets stuck after hours. Yep, launching powerpoint presentations from mystic 'network' drives, to using magic 'alt-tab' to fullscreen a DVD presentation...

As a contractor outsourced to manage Information Technology, I rarely get involved with the day-to-day activities of my client. Unless asked, of course. According to an email which circulated site-wide, our client was considering changing coffee vendors, and wanted the input of all coffee drinking associates. See, that's not me. I'm a TNT mushroom-cloud-laying coffee drinking contractor. However, galinda822 and I were actually sought out to participate in this sampling, as several recreational drinkers were choosing the weaker coffees in their vote. I tried them all, settling on what I am sure is the most expensive, the massive dark roast. It was so delightful, I stayed past my welcome drinking several cups.

An Ode to celtmanx

He scrimps, he saves, to primp and fawn
Using a lathe on his beautiful lawn

He knows Chewbacca and sells him his wares
He wears Dockers and Star Trek underwear

He's Irish and Catholic and proud of that fact
But he's the first to offer the shirt off his back

He's smart and polite; a bachelors in history -
Has no sense of humor but thinks that he's funny!

If I told you people anything more
He'd drive to Saint Louis and beat down my door...

And lastly, stuf123 found my next grill for me: A 5.7 liter (350 CID) HEMI Powered Grill - this puppy can cook 240 hot dogs in 3 minutes...just a tad shy of Tony's last hot-dog eating contest!

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