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Fitness Apps

I've been using LoseIt since my first iPod touch - the iPhone makes it even more effortless by simply bar-code scanning what you put in your mouth, or easily compounding fresh ingredients in recallable recipes then doling out estimated serving size. In this example, I rode my bike for nearly an hour an a half and it calculated 1,299 calories burned based on my estimated average speed. After my meltdown with Fitbit being nothing more than a glorified pedometer (its obtuse intake entry interface aside), drax0r read that cyclists need to put the pod in their shoe, which I did for this ride. Sadly, the net result was zero active minutes. I guess that means something different than I thought it did. Given my chagrin, drax0r then suggested the cycling version of the app he uses to measure his walks, Map My Ride which was by far the most comprehensive application for distance, speed and caloric burn. Between this last app, and the first, I think I finally have everything I require.

So I'm going to return my Fitbit.
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