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Posted on 2014.06.14 at 12:00
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Back to Texas. Each year I try to let the kids spend a couple of weeks with their Texas friends - its been falling during DRE each year which has made it nice - but this year the DRE was accomplished remotely. So I'm taking them.

Originally I had planned to drop them off in Anna, meet up with some co-workers for a cold beer, and spend some time with my folks before driving to East Texas to stay a couple of days with drax0r. But as these things often happen, Dad wanted to treat them to Six Flags over Texas, and I ended up working well past midnight the day before the drive. Also? I'm on call. And we're bringing one friend back with us for a week. I can't imagine being much more exhausted doing all of this.

I am seriously considering dropping them off in Texas, and driving straight back to Kansas to spend some quality time with my bed rather than roaming Texas for a week sleeping poorly.

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