ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Back in Kansas

Meant to see so many other people and do so many other things, none of which actually transpired. That said, I did far less driving than I anticipated, and ended up relaxing more. I can't complain. We arrived back in Newton a day later than scheduled with little impact.

drax0r & jesskd26 introduced me to Game of Thrones and facilitated my furthering education here in Newton and drax0r manifested daily - supremely gourmet meals cooked in cast iron, sending me home with my own cast iron starter skillet following my interest and amazement. It was also extolled upon me the virtues of Google's Chromecast, and now that I understand what it actually does - and how it differs from all my other devices - I am now a proud owner of one of those as well.

And since the majority of my money was spent on gasoline and beer and my 7 year old Waterpro's were starting to look their age, I replaced them with the pair which replaced them, the Mykos - on clearance - and a pair of the ones which replaced those, the Mykos Strech at the Merrell store at the Allen Outlet Mall. (Their rigid sole and breathability make them fantastic bicycling shoes.)

Also brought home two Cisco-branded DL320's! They're just like the HP DL360's but use SATA rather than SCSI SCA and only support a single processor. I haven't fired them up yet.

I can't believe how much Anna, TX has grown.
Tags: shoes, texas, tony

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