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Drop Ship

Or Vice Versa

Posted on 2014.07.25 at 00:00
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If you think the Russians are "evil" and the Americans are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the Israelis are "evil" and the Palestinians are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the liberals are "evil" and the conservatives are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the capitalists are "evil' and the socialists are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the Democrats are "evil" and the Republicans are "good", or vice versa...
If you think the Muslims are "evil" and the Christians are "good", or vice versa...
If you think libertarians are "evil" and the progressives are "good", or vice versa...
If you think governments are "evil" and the corporations are "good", or vice versa...

Well, If you think in these diametrically opposed abstractions, you are most probably part of the problem. Domestic and foreign issues are not based on some fictional, graphic novel with superheroes and arch villains. Real life is full of complexity and nuance, and almost never so black and white as we are told by ideological fanatics, religious extremists, sensationalized talking heads, partisan hacks, fervent nationalists, opinionated infotainment outlets, and the profiteers of deception and artificial divisiveness.

The fact is, there are usually many layers to a story, and most often there are not just one or two sides to a story, but multiple sides to a story. So, maybe, just maybe, the masses should stop treating domestic and foreign issues like they are a competition between two rival sports teams, and start taking a much more dispassionate, critical, and intellectually honest approach at examining various issues around the globe and in our backyards.

Lastly, I think it is time we let go of this childish notion that so many things in life can simply be broken down to "good" and "evil". ~https://www.facebook.com/ultraradicalcentrists/posts/658938207508050


suzanne1945 at 2014-07-25 13:01 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, so true! However, one has to be motivated to care enough to do research, fact checking, and employ critical thinking. It is so easy for many people to let others do that for them, just accepting the "bottled" answer. Then there are those who do not have the ability to do it themselves and are easy prey for the pushers of black and white thinking.
michelle1963 at 2014-07-26 03:47 (UTC) (Link)
People tend to like simple comclusions, and black & white answers are among the most simple. Unfortunately, are they rarely accurate.

I came across an example the other day in the Harvard Business Review. Common knowledge states that government spending inversely correlates with entrepreneurship. And thee are a number of studies that bear this out. However, further research has revealed that the truth is more nuanced than that. Government spending that includes subsidies to certain sectors like oil, agriculture, and timber are inversely correlated with entrepreneurship. - which supports the original claim. However, when the government spends money on education and research & development, there is a positive correlation between government spending and increased entrepreneurship.

Yet we have come to a place politically wherein all government spending is considered bad. Hmmm.


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