ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

SPARCstation 20

Walked into a local Mac repair shop and general all around x86 junk store looking for a console DB25-to-USB adapter, but got to talking shop. And between the stacks of old Dell workstations, classic Macintosh and yes, even an Apple IIe, we dug out an old SPARCstation-20. It was surprisingly clean on the inside and the proprietor - unfamiliar but interested - wanted to teach himself Solaris, so we got started right away!

I drove home and brought back a matched pair of 36GB 10k Sun drives (to replace the 2.1GB Barracuda), and a new 40x SCSI Sun DVD-ROM. We stayed up until 2100 (and it was brain-wracking trying to remember simple commands like format to write a sun label to the hard drives) but finally got the install running. It has been something like 10 years since I had to install Solaris 8!

Made me wish I'd kept at least my SPARCstation-5.


Tags: sun, unix

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